Formed back in 2008, Swedish band Sarea has been described as "a melodic punch in the face" and we can't disagree with the fact that Sarea is definitely a heavy, melodic and aggressive machinery on stage.

The debut album 'Alive' was released in October 2010 through 'Supernova Records'. It displays an uncommon musical diversity where energy, power and melody mix into a precise hit parade. The melodies are always first priority on 'Alive', but aggression and fury are also delivered in a fierce tempo. The end result is a pacey album full of energy.

Guitarist Johan Axelsson says: 'Alive' was written and produced focusing on creating a cocky debut with major hit-potential. We deliberately chose to peel off unnecessarily complicated elements from the songs, which resulted in the longest song on the record clocking in only just over four minutes. "Straight to the point" has been the motto for the entire album. The first single of the album is called 'Another Me' and its' video has gained great critics all over the world, with over 1,4 million views to this date. Link:

2011 was filled with live performances promoting the debut album.

During 2012 Sarea entered 'Milk Studios' in Norrkˆping, Sweden, to record the follow-up to 'Alive'.

In december 2012 the band also toured the U.K and to this date, Sarea has done approximately 70-80 live shows in total.

The upcoming album, entitled 'This Is Not Goodbye', is scheduled for a summer release in 2014. 'Downfall' is the first single of the album and it also features a brand new music video. The new album really takes everything to the next level and it's safe to say it will blow any speaker away! 'This Is Not Goodbye' was mainly written by vocalist Christoffer Forsberg and guitarist Johan Axelsson, but as always each band member contributed during the whole writing process.

If you're a fan of melodic yet aggressive metal, in the same veins as In Flames, Killswitch Engage, Soilwork, Bring Me The Horizon etc - Stay tuned for Sarea!


Modern Melodic Metal

Chris Forsberg - Vocals
Calle Larsson - Drums
Johan Axelsson - Guitar
Alex Dzaic - Guitar
Johan Larsson - Bass
Martin Persson - keyboard