Morning Dwell

True power metal force from Sweden!!!

Classic power metal from Sweden in the vein of Helloween – Keeper Of The Seven Keys Era, Rhapsody, Blind Guardian and ReinXeed.

Produced by Frippe Eliasson and Petter Hjerpe,
Morning Dwell is now releasing their debut album and are ready to take on the world some great Power Metal !

Tommy “Reinxeed” Johansson expressed himself while listening to Morning Dwell's demo: “This sounds like Helloween should have sounded today if they kept the same band members from the Keeper of the seven keys-era!”

"We in Morning Dwell say that we play Power Metal as it was meant to be played: Fun, fast, melodic, dramatic, catchy, beautiful and uplifting!

Feel the energy glow!

-Petter Hjerpe/Morning Dwell 2014"

The album is Mixed by CJ Grimmark (Narnia, Rob Rock).

The album has all the elements needed for a great heavy power metal album. Of course a great power metal debut album needs the perfect artwork! The artwork is done by no other than Andreas Marshall who has done famous artworks for bands like Hammerfall, Kreator, Stratovarius, Blind Guardian.

Morning Dwell


Power Metal

Petter Hjerpe-Vocals                          Michel Barréra-Guitars                       Ulf Zetterman-Guitars
Martin Erneström-Bass                      Samuel Olsson-Keyboards                Alfred Fridhagen-Drums